Thursday, August 19, 2010

Picasso and Sweet Potato Vine

An artist friend told me recently that I was very prolific. While I do paint freqently and maybe more than said artist friend, I don't come close to Picasso, who produced around 50,000 works in some form or another.

Sweet potato vine is also prolific. I shot the photo this morning in front of the studio and this whole prolific train of thought started. Maybe I'm inspired by this hardy green plant, which would probably grow one hundred feet if you let it. We went to the mountains for a week and it continued to grow all over in spite of the 105 degree temps and little water. You can hack it back and it grows more. You can cut a piece off and stick it in some dirt and it propagates itself. Don't dare put fertilizer on this stuff or it might grow legs and walk off.

As an artist, I kind of feel that like this vine, I just need a little gowing room and water to really flourish. I can take some setbacks or pruning and not let that stop my growth, but learn from each work produced and move on to the next, always looking to the horizon. Hopefully I also become a better person in the process.

50,000 works of art. I have much work to do...and some plants to water!

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