Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Live Paint" at Lovetts Gallery- New Works

©2012 Mark Yearwood
"Capriole" (a playful leap)
12''x12'' Acrylic/Graphite

Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 25th if your are anywhere near Tulsa, OK and come out to watch me paint "live" at Lovetts Gallery from 10am - 5pm. It should be a fun and interesting day as I attempt to do this live painting thing for the first time! Hopefully the weather is great and this all can happen without a hitch. Oklahoma can be unpredictable in late winter.

I will also be bringing some new works with me, including a couple more of these 12x12'' pieces which stay in a constant state of "sold out" at Lovetts. This one called Capriole, means "a playful leap" and was one of the most spontaneous of this series. It also sold the quickest of all 12's as I painted it on Dec. 25 and it found a home January 11.

I look forward to smearing paint and meeting friends at Lovetts.
Don't miss it!