Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having a super Thanksgiving with family and friends. This is always a great time of year. A cold front blew into Oklahoma last night and it went from 77 to 29 degrees here this morning. Brrrrr. Crisp Fall weather sure makes it feel like the holiday season.

I spent all day yesterday setting up the art booth for the NRHA Reining Horse Futurity Show in Oklahoma City the next ten days. Fellow OKC landscape artist, Thomas Stotts will be joining me for the show and we plan to paint "live'' during the week. Horse people from all over the globe will attend this annual event and I'm sure some of them love fine art. It should be an interesting few days.

The Oklahoma Arts Guild will also feature a display at the show with over 100 pieces of art by 100 artists from the state. An opening reception is planned at 5:30 December 2 with a live auction of select art following to benefit youth art endeavors.
Reining In The Arts

The "Long Tall" Painting

©2010 Mark Yearwood
Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
A new "warm" painting for a cold Thanksgiving day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Horses and Art...New Adventures

"Terra Calda"
40''x30''x1.5'' Acrylic/Canvas
©2010 Mark Yearwood
"Earth Signals"
16''x20''x1.5'' Acrylic/Canvas

©2010 Mark Yearwood

36''x36''x1.5'' Acrylic/Canvas

©2010 Mark Yearwood

I have been painting like crazy getting prepared for an upcoming show, which will put me in some unfamiliar surroundings. I will be setting up with another artist at the National Reining Horse Futurity Show in Oklahoma City the week after Thanksgiving.
This is a big and prestigious event with attendees from literally all over the globe. We'll be there to show them that Oklahomans are creative and hopefully sell some art. We will also be painting on-site throughout the show, which should be interesting. I sure hope there are some abstract art lovers in the crowd.
Here are some of the latest pieces from the studio.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New "Mindscape Series" Number 3

©2010 Mark Yearwood
"Mindscape III"
12''x12''x1.5'' Acrylic on Gallery Canvas
$300 and available at
Landscapes from the mind continue. Images of places visited, dreamed, and imagined.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Vanguard" 16''x20'' Acrylic Painting

©2010 Mark Yearwood
16''x20''x1.5'' Acrylic and Graphite on Gallery Canvas
As this painting came together, I thought of the three rectangles as figures or soldiers and the row of small colored rectangles as figures on the horizon. The dominant red has a sense of power. I looked up the word vanguard and it just seemed to fit this piece.