Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Threshold" - new work...

©2011 Mark Yearwood
"Threshold" 36''x36'' Acrylic on Canvas

I just finished this painting over the weekend and it's one of the few in my portfolio lacking hard edges and lines. I painted this "in the moment", you could say and I'm pleased with the loose expressive feel. I hope you are as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mozart Myths Revisited...

©2011 Mark Yearwood

"Mozart: Misfit and Genius", 42''x58''x2.25''

Mixed media assemblage on board

Several weeks ago I was approached by Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK to join with nine other artists to create large-scale musical themed pieces for the OK Mozart Festival Patron Dinner in Bartlesville, OK June 18. After much thought and lack of sleep, I decided to really step out of the box and this is the result of over a month of research, gathering pieces, and applying paint! You can follow the progress and read my narrative on Lovetts blog and also learn about the other great artists involved. It has been an honor to work on this piece and a fun journey. Maybe I will do a series of these! OK Mozart Art blog

Monday, June 6, 2011

Pushing boundaries with new techniques...

©2011 Mark Yearwood

"Beyond the Static" 12''x12''x1.5'' Acrylic on cradled panel

I've kicked off a series of work on panel, and I'm having quite a blast exploring some new techniques of applying and removing paint to get to the end result you see here. I'm creating a history of sorts, with many thin glaze layers applied and subsequently sanded in areas to take the paint back a bit and reveal some interesting forms and texture. This is totally different than my normal heavy textured palette knife painting on canvas and I really like the direction it has taken. I'm doing these without using a brush, dragging paint with different tools in thin translucent layers. They take a while to complete this way and I'm working out in my head a way to move to larger panels and still achieve the same results. I guess I will need bigger tools!

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