Friday, August 13, 2010

Painting on Commission

©2010 Mark Yearwood

"Master Plan" 30''x40'' Canvas - SOLD

While I love to just paint bodies of work for shows and galleries, nothing beats painting a custom piece of art for someone who is a true "collector". One who loves your work enough to own more than one piece. This one was done for such collectors, or fans of my art who actually own many of my paintings. These fans are rare and I really appreciate them for wanting to surround themselves with my work. They have also become great friends in the process and we have enjoyed dinners and conversations. Selling art is just one thing. Enjoying the relationships with people created from those sales may actually be the best part.


  1. I can see how this painting sold. It is truly magnificent. I love the colors and shapes. I keep looking at it . Congratulations. Silvia

  2. Thank you, Silvia. I truly appreciate your thoughts. This was a commission where the patron told me to do what I wanted and paint with heart.
    Those are the best!