Sunday, September 18, 2011

Return Of The 8x8

©2011 Mark Yearwood
"Surface Energy"
8''x8'' Palette Knife Acrylic on RayMar Panel

That's inches, by the way, although I would like to paint an eight foot piece at some point.

After painting on this fun series and selling almost every one of them, I switched gears to focus on large gallery work this year. The little RayMar panels sat in the cabinet and while doing some cleaning in there this weekend, it came to me that I needed to pull these little squares out and slap some paint on again. They are great study pieces for larger work and also seem to get me in the groove for other projects. Think of it as a musician doing scales to warm up for performance or an athlete doing stretches.

My small works are also affordable for those with a lower art budget or limited wall space. Don't let your favorite one slip by. They don't last very long at $150. I even include a black contemporary frame and US shipping! Original art for about the cost of an iPhone for the month. What a deal!
Oh...and many people want to throw their phones out the window, including me!
I think you'll want to keep the painting.

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