Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Finished 18''x24'' Canvas - "Paradigm" Textured Acrylic

©2010 Mark Yearwood
18''x24'' Textural Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on Gallery Canvas
The finished painting from the progress pic in the last post. I'm working towards an atmospheric quality in my latest paintings by creating more negative space against the stuctured layers. I like the way this one is busy, but serene at the same time.
The texture is heavier than some of my others and looks much better up close.
I also ended up flipping it 180 degrees in the end although, it looks really good any way you hang it. This one will have a new home in California.


  1. Mark: Very nice. I feel a sense of controlled excitement in this piece. On a technical note, it is hard to tell if there might be some brushwork in it too -- on top of the knife strokes.

  2. Thanks, Atul. There are only slight uses of a brush in the finishing stage. The bulk of the work was with one palette knife.
    I see you are in NC. Some of my work is in Charlotte at RedSky Gallery. Drop by and say hi to Heather or Kellie some time.