Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Sand and Surf" Almost Daily Painting Series on Canvas Panel

©2009 Mark Yearwood

"Sand and Surf"
8''x8'' Acrylic Palette Knife Painting on RayMar Canvas Panel
Winter is here, although today it was more like fall. It was nice to get outside and enjoy the weather before another cold snap arrives. I still think about times on a warm beach in the sun when it is cold and this painting today came from visions of the ocean lapping over the warm sand.
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  1. Mark,
    I found your site today, love the texture and your brilliant colors! I have been painting in acrylics, just got my first palette knives in the mail yesterday! Any tips for the newbie?? How did you learn to paint with the palette knives?

  2. Thanks!
    I really can't explain it. I could show you easier. I just started and played until I could work with them. I paint loose and fast without picking at it much.