Monday, November 5, 2012

Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

I always enjoy making the trip to beautiful Santa Fe, NM. Once you experience the wide open vistas with blue skies, mountain ranges, and the unique adobe structures, you just can't shake this place from your memory. Not to mention the arts and culture which permeate every crevice of the place. Creativity is thick in the air with hundreds of art galleries and studios.

I was able to go out on October 20 to paint in front of InArt Gallery for the 5th annual Canyon Road Paint Out. Over 100 artists worked on projects among the galleries on Canyon Road. The Fall weather could not have been more perfect that weekend. It was relaxing and magical, painting outside and visiting with artists and art lovers all weekend. It makes you want to just pause time and stay in that happy zone.

Evenings were spent with with great friends and enjoying the food and sights around the historic Plaza. Food, drinks and people watching on the portico at the Hotel St. Francis, outdoor dining at La Casa Sena, and trying out a different breakfast place each morning. I even managed to bump into actor/director Wes Studi twice while hopping around town. You never know who you will run into there.

The chill will be coming in now and then the Winter, so I will return to the studio with inspiration and a new vigor from the Land of Enchantment, and plan for another trip soon. I know the way to Santa Fe and I think my vehicle is set to hone in by itself!

South of Santa Fe

Color and art on Canyon Road

InArt Gallery
The painting on the right sold to a Carlsbad, CA collector!

One very happy artist!

The finished piece "Portal" 36''x24''
Available at InArt Gallery
Watch this video clip of the day thanks to Bobby Levin Video of Santa Fe.

More new works at

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