Friday, September 10, 2010

Is Art Ever Really Finished?

''Connections'' 30x30'' Acrylic    SOLD

This is a new 30x30'' called "Connections". The top photo is where I stopped the first time and called it finished. After it sat in the studio for a couple of days, it seemed to be taunting me to come back to it. Something just didn't feel right about it. Last night it seemed the turquoise glazing in the top center area was the part that bugged me, so I added the warmer glazes up top and then used some subtle blues on the left center area to balance things out.

I don't know if an art piece is ever actually "finished". I once heard someone say that an artist never finishes the work, but only abandons it. A guy I used to work with would say "stop tickling it to death!", meaning let it go before you overwork it. Pretty simple in theory, but sometimes hard to practice.

Paint! Paint and move along, please.

PS: I went back and tweaked some more after posting! :)

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  1. Hi, yes I prefer the second finished to the first and if as you state that painting to you is a journey then to finish would end the journey.