Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Finding Shelter" Acrylic on Floating Panels

©2010 Mark Yearwood
"Finding Shelter"
20'' x 22'' x 2'' Textured Acrylic on Floating Wood Panels
While I'm working on some fresh new paintings, I'll post a couple of available ones that are in my current galleries. This is one of my layered wood panel pieces at The Old Katy Glassworks and Gallery in Denison, TX. This one of those pieces that practically painted itself. The textures on the board told me where to paint and I ended up quite pleased with the result.
I am getting ready to start another batch of the 8x8 paintings, so look for those here soon.
I only have four of those on my website that are not sold. If you see one that you really like, don't hesitate too long or you might miss it. That has happened to a couple of people lately.
While I may paint something similar again, no two are alike and each one has its own personality. Thanks for following my work!

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